Picture This Studios….Oliver Sutton

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Oct 192016


Oliver Sutton

Hot british website picturethis-studios kick start 2013 with the return of one of their favourite exclusives from 2012, fresh faced, uncut Oliver Sutton! This 23 year old red head is the embodiement of what it means to be both young & hung, returning here to show off an awesome 8 inches of premium erect british man meat once again! Oliver clearly enjoys this opportunity to get naked for his latest picturethis-studios appearance as he finds himself getting harder a whole lot quicker than before, as well as staying rock solid for a whole lot longer, allowing us plenty of time to reacquaint ourselves with this sexy young studs hot body! Sworn to stay exclusive to one of the most stylish british porn sites around, we hope its not to long before we get to see Oliver in all his glory once again.


Picture This Studios….Freddie Max

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Oct 192016


Freddie Max

If you have never had the pleasure of seeing sexy young english stud Freddie Max getting naked on camera before, then you really have been missing one of the hottest cocks in the business, and thankfully for us there is nothing this 23 year old likes more than showing off his fit muscular body, including his thick 8.5 inch solid uncut cock of course! Its been quite a while since Freddie last appeared on picturethis-studios but with this, his hottest performance yet, Freddie’s back for an intensely horny shoot! It seems impossible for this hunk to hide just how much he is loving the attention, his cock throbbing ever harder the closer the lucky picturethis-studios cameraman gets to the action, and when the shoot culminates with Freddie bringing a mirror into the action we realise the only thing hotter than seeing one Freddie Max jerking off, is seeing TWO Freddie Max’s jerking off!


Picture This Studios….Mark Getty

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Oct 192016


Mark Getty

Picturethis-Studios goes a few shades darker with its latest update, their third shoot with thick dicked british stud, Mark Getty. Its hard to believe that this is the same fresh faced guy that first appeared on this sexy UK site way back in 2010, when he revealed his impressive uncut man meat for the very first time in a stunning bathroom shoot! Equally as memorable as his rock hard cock from that shoot was the size of his massive spunk filled balls, which he emptied for his first ever video back in October 2011. Now, one year later, he’s back, still exclusive to picturethis-studios and as impressive as ever as he ventures down to the basement where he gets chained to their wooden wall, unable to get his hands to his hard throbbing cock, as the cameraman shoots his vulnerable, restrained body in plenty of hot and horny detail!


Picture This Studios….Craig Freeman

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Oct 192016


Craig Freeman

Another video debut from the guys at picturethis-studios, this time featuring that sexy Britsh essex-lad Craig Freeman, the slim guy with the big dick, who we have all enjoyed getting to know intimately earlier this year in his two massive galleries that are already available on this hot UK website! We’ve been told that this video actually pre-dates both of those stunning galleries, which explains why we can still detect a hint of that horny nervous energy that these guys have when jerking off on camera for the very first time! As usual though, their confidence always seems to arrive as soon as they have their rock hard dicks in their hands, and its clear just how much Craig is turned on by having the camera just inches away from his as, even though he’s uncut, enjoys slowly smothering his pumped up shaft in lube to really show off every inch of his raging boner!


Picture This Studios….Jake Daniels

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Oct 192016


Jake Daniels

Hot UK porn site picturethis-studios gets December swinging with the return of their very own exclusive blonde bombshell Jake Daniels…, and if ever there was a model with something to swing, then Jake is more than equipped for the job as he gets ready to unleash the full 8 inches of his juicy thick uncut cock. Even when soft its already completely unmissable as it bulges through his tight pair of white Calvin’s, but Jake just can wait to begin super-sizing his impressive piece of prime UK cock, and its not long before its once again fully rock hard and ready for action!! having been a firm favourite on this website since the beginning, we think Jake has more than earned his place as part of picturethis-studios festive seasons updates, and we know he can’t wait to show even more when he returns for his next exclusive video early next year! Don’t miss it!


Picture This Studios….Fraser Jacs

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Oct 192016


Fraser Jacs

When Fraser Jacs confessed, during his previous shoot for picturethis-studios, that he had surprisingly never used a dildo on himself before, he must have known that it would only be a matter of time before those guys would come up with an excuse to get him back in the studio to capture his very first dildo fuck live on camera….and to make it even more special, the movie is another of the studios hot annual christmas specials! The action starts with this fit uncut 22 year old receiving his very first dildo as a gift from the picturethis-studios guys under their xmas tree. As soon as it is unwrapped Fraser is begining his maiden voyage into the joys of toys! There’s no doubt just how much Fraser enjoys working his tight arse with his very own dildo, slowly at first, before really finding his rhythm! There aren’t many challenges this sexy 22 year old isn’t up for, and I imagine this hot uk website is already contemplating the next one! For now though, Fraser works his way up to a thick creamy load, that he shoots right up his chest… a successful conclusion to his hot debut dildo film!!


Picture This Studios….AJ

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Oct 192016



When the cameraman at picturethis-studios was asked what he wanted for Xmas, he wasted know time in requesting another opportunity to shoot the stunning young 20 year old AJ! We imagine this sexy british stud is on quite a few peoples xmas wish lists, and luckily the guys at this awesome UK website wasted no time in arranging a hot new video shoot with this fantastic sexy stud! Apart from his very obvious assets, we find it amazing that AJ is completely oblivious to his own stunning good looks, and always seems surprised to hear that people want to see more content of him working his firm naked body on camera. Wether people love this lad for his very sexy smile or his stunning stiff cock, one thing is for sure… its always a pleasure to watch him empty his massive balls all over his rock hard abs, as he once again shoots an impressively hot sticky load at the end of this incredibly new video!


Picture This Studios….Jamie West

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Oct 192016


Jamie West

Picturethis-Studios have done it again, producing a real ball-buster of a movie that can only further enhance their reputation as one of the most original, stylish and horny websites currently being produced in the UK today! With their usual high production values its no surprise that this latest 24 minute movie, heralding the exclusive return of Jamie West, is up to their usual high standards! What may be a bit more of a surprise though is just how amazingly RED HOT this movie is considering they bravely decided to shoot it in stunningly cinematic black and white! This is actually the second movie they have made in this way, the first starred a very sexy Bailey Maguire in “Bailey Comes Clean” back in April last year. This time though its Jamie West, unseen online since May 2012, who gives one of his hottest performances ever, and with his stiff, incredible thick cock back in his hands, he makes sure that the camera’s get every possible angle of his muscular, toned body covered, before finally shooting every last drop of his hot, sticky cum over his firm defined abs! It looks like these guys have moved the goal posts once again!


Picture This Studios….Jay Winter

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Oct 192016


Jay Winter

Despite it being less than a week since the seriously sexy William Travis was introduced to the lucky members of picturethis-studios for the first time, the guys at this hot british website have pulled out all the stops to introduce a second previously unseen hot new exclusive for 2013, a young and seriously hung british stud called Jay Winter. Although this is Jay’s first time getting naked and jerking off on camera, he doesn’t seem to have a shy bone in his fit defined body, and that includes his impressive 8 inch uncut whopper of a cock! This he clearly enjoys teasing the cameraman with mercilessly, which results in Jay producing an incredible amount of warm sticky pre-cum, long strands of which are impressively caught on camera as it drips relentlessly from the tip of his cock, which Jay then uses to further lubricate his long, thick shaft. Considering this is Jay’s very first shoot, he certainly knows how to handle himself and its clear to see that his exhibitionist tendencies are further boosted by the thought of the site members being able to get up really close to all the action.


Picture This Studios….Riley Tess

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Oct 192016


Riley Tess

“Hot UK based website, picturethis-studios, continue their awesome autumn collection with the rare appearance on their site of an already established British porn star. Whilst most of their content consists of fresh new faces with hot hung bodies, they occasionally like to feature some of their own personal favourites from the current UK porn scene. This month it’s the turn of 26 year old Riley Tess to experience the stunning style of a picturethis-studios shoot, and its definitely a collaboration that more than delivers the goods. We get to glimpse several sides of Riley’s character in this shoot, from the sharp suited seducer to the down and dirty sex hungry stud! Not being adverse to playing a little bit rough in order to get his kicks, Riley also likes to get a little bit creative with himself and clearly loves pumping his thick uncut cock on camera, turning himself on just as much as he hopes he hopes to do to those watching, including the very lucky cameraman catching all the action! We think Riley is the perfect bedfellow for those talented picturethis-studio guys, and hope this is just the beginning of a long and horny relationship!”