Picture This Studios….Francesco Di Stefano

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Aug 272016

m_francesco di stefano pic this

Francesco Di Stefano

“Some rules are just made to be broken, and despite the majority of the guys featured on the hot UK pornsite picturethis-studios being home grown sexy british lads, we are glad to see that they have once again bent the rules just enough to see the return of their exclusive hot Italian stud Francesco di Stefano. Last time he seduced us with a stunning solo show, stripping out of his suit on a mission to prove that Italians can do it better! Just in case some of us still needed convincing, he has returned and we find him already stripped down to his tight white bulging briefs before the camera’s have even been turned on! Clearly encouraged by the members response to his first shoot, Francesco is ready to put on an even better show, and after a few teasing strokes through his underwear he treats his throbbing uncut cock, and this websites lucky members, to another sensational jerk-off session!”


Picture This Studios….William Travis

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Aug 272016

m_wm travis pic this

William Travis

“Autumn has certainly become the theme of choice for quite a few shoots at one of our favourite hot UK guy sites, picturethis-studios. This month their stunning 18 year old exclusive William Travis follows in Jamie West’s naked footsteps, to get hard and horny amongst the fallen leaves of their woodland styled set. This is William’s third appearance on the site, and with each new shoot we have seen this young hunks confidence grow, and his incredibly hung cock get ever harder! This time around this sexy uncut British lads cock remains rock solid for most of this amazing shoot, needing only the slightest encouragement before it begins to throb, forcing his foreskin to roll back down his shaft revealing his sensitive bulging cock head! Just one of the reasons we don’t think we could ever get tired of seeing the wonderful wanking William Travis!”


Picture This Studios….Jack Mason

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Aug 242016

m_jack mason

Jack Mason

“When the guys from hot UK porn site picturethis-studios, heard that 24 year old straight porn star Jack Mason was back in town, they immediately got out their little black book to find his number, hoping that he would be as interested as they were in shooting a follow up to his awesome “suited and booted” shoot back in March. Luckily Jack is one of those awesome guys always happy to oblige, and seeing as he hadn’t shot anything specifically for his gay fans to enjoy since that last hot exclusive session, he thought it long overdue and agreed to put his stunning 9 uncut inches back to work four this incredibly horny update. This muscular stud looks right at home in the picturethis-studios locker room, and with the addition of some exceptionally tight lycra, we think this is the hottest shoot Jack has EVER done! Don’t just take our word for it though, get yourself over to picturethis-studios now and see for yourself.”


Picture This Studios….Harrison Gray

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Aug 242016

m_harrison gray

Harrison Gray

We don’t know exactly what it is about the smouldering good looks of this 23 year old british stud, and picturethis-studios exclusive, that makes us always look forward to catching each new appearance he makes on this hot UK porn site, but given that this is the only site Harrison Gray has ever agreed to get naked for, we have certainly enjoyed watching his confidence grow since his very first shoot in June last year, as well as getting more adventurous with every shoot he does. In this latest update, his stunning 7.5 inch uncut cock seems to be getting a whole lot harder for a whole lot longer than ever before! Of course we always enjoy watching fit straight lads happily striping and jerking off on camera, especially ones that seem to enjoy it as much as Harrison does these days, his super-stiff cock pointing skywards for most of this latest sex-tastic shoot!”


Picture This Studios….Jay Winter

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Aug 242016

m_jay winter

Jay Winter

Despite it being less than a week since the seriously sexy William Travis was introduced to the lucky members of picturethis-studios for the first time, the guys at this hot british website have pulled out all the stops to introduce a second previously unseen hot new exclusive for 2013, a young and seriously hung british stud called Jay Winter. Although this is Jay’s first time getting naked and jerking off on camera, he doesn’t seem to have a shy bone in his fit defined body, and that includes his impressive 8 inch uncut whopper of a cock! This he clearly enjoys teasing the cameraman with mercilessly, which results in Jay producing an incredible amount of warm sticky pre-cum, long strands of which are impressively caught on camera as it drips relentlessly from the tip of his cock, which Jay then uses to further lubricate his long, thick shaft. Considering this is Jay’s very first shoot, he certainly knows how to handle himself and its clear to see that his exhibitionist tendencies are further boosted by the thought of the site members being able to get up really close to all the action.


Picture This Studios….Gavin Brooks

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Aug 112016

m_gavin brooks

Gavin Brooks

“Uncut 18 year old British bi lad Gavin Brooks is just one of the many undiscovered hot UK guys to have made his stunning porn debut exclusively for picturethis-studios back in February this year. 7 months after that first appearance, Gavin has returned to the studio, and we are glad to say he has lost none of his cheeky “lad next door” charm, and is still more than happy to show off every inch of his hot young body on camera, including his seriously sexy 7.5 inch uncut cock and low hanging balls! Despite the fact that Gavin is still making up his mind wether its the girls or the guys that turn him on the most, he knows that this shoot is strictly for the guys, and so pulls out all the stops, as well as pulling on some premium british foreskin, to make sure that this websites lucky members have plenty of hot content to jerk themselves off to!”


Picture This Studios….Kingsley Rippon

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Aug 112016

m_kingsley rippon

Kingsley Rippon

“As one of the first british websites to feature fresh faced porn newcomer Kingsley Rippon, picturethis-studios wasted no time in getting this hot uncut stud back into the studio for his second shoot, having received plenty of appreciative feedback from Kingsley’s army of very loyal fans! Not that we should be particularly surprised at their dedication, as in his latest shoot he once again proves that his sexy smile and gym fit muscular body is just the foreplay before the main event, that being to show off his rock solid uncut cock to the picturethis camera’s, once again pulling out all the stops to make this appearance even hotter, harder and hornier than before! We are sure all his fans will love seeing this british stud lay back with his legs raised high in the air, and there can be no doubting that when it comes to bedroom gymnastics, Kingsley Rippon is a master, and revels in showing off a whole lot more than just his bodies impressive flexibility!”


Picture This Studios….Mark Getty

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Jul 242016

m_mark getty

Mark Getty

Picturethis-Studios goes a few shades darker with its latest update, their third shoot with thick dicked british stud, Mark Getty. Its hard to believe that this is the same fresh faced guy that first appeared on this sexy UK site way back in 2010, when he revealed his impressive uncut man meat for the very first time in a stunning bathroom shoot! Equally as memorable as his rock hard cock from that shoot was the size of his massive spunk filled balls, which he emptied for his first ever video back in October 2011. Now, one year later, he’s back, still exclusive to picturethis-studios and as impressive as ever as he ventures down to the basement where he gets chained to their wooden wall, unable to get his hands to his hard throbbing cock, as the cameraman shoots his vulnerable, restrained body in plenty of hot and horny detail!


Picture This Studios….Corey Malone

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Jul 242016

m_corey malone

Corey Malone

The last time we saw Corey Malone on picturethis-studios he was certainly looking hot, dressed for the office in his crisp white shirt, waistcoat and tie! Corey clearly likes to play as hard as he works though, and his office surroundings didn’t prevent him from having a hard and horny wank, happy to show off his impressive uncut cock on camera for the very first time! Even when soft this british guy is suprisingly large, and he returns this month to show it off in all its glory once again. He’s looking just as hot in his jeans and t-shirt and seems a whole lot more laid back about getting naked, having worked with this cool UK studio once before. Its doesn’t take long therefore, for Corey to strip and go to work on his thick cock once again, all shown in the usual “access all areas” style that this hot british website does so well! Our fingers are crossed, given this is Corey’s second massive feature gallery, that the next time we see him will be to shoot his hot sticky load on video for us all to enjoy!! We think it would make one hell of a movie!!


Picture This Studios….Benjamin Ryan

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Jul 242016

m_benjamin ryan

Benjamin Ryan

With a sexy smile, and just a little bit of a devious twinkle in his eye, Benjamin Ryan’s first shoot for picturethis-studios takes place in the now infamous picturethis-pod! It has always been the most popular set with the more playful guys at this hot UK website, and Benjamin follows in the hot & horny footsteps of Jamie West, Charlie Rogers, and Kris Sinclair to be its fourth naked occupant. It quickly becomes clear just how much this young, hung uncut 21 year old enjoyed himself during his shoot, and seems more than happy to be finally realising his long time porn star ambitions. This certainly had a lot to do with that big sexy smile on this young british lads face. It was also probably responsible for how quickly we get to see his awesome cock start to grow, and he is teasingly able to show off his fully rock hard boner even before he drops his underwear. Luckily for the members of this site it stays that way throughout the shoot, with the camera getting so close as he lifts his legs and spread his cheeks that it is sure to make you want to lick the screen!!